1. As you can tell, I ship it. 8D

    As you can tell, I ship it. 8D

  2. Dear fanfic writers,

    Please write me a Jane/Ethan story for Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol. :D It will make my whole month. Especially if it’s fluff. o.o  PLEASE.


  3. So. True.

  4. So yeah. She’s awesome.

    So yeah. She’s awesome.

  5. Me Watching NCIS


    Then My Mom Try’s To Talk To Me -__- 

    I Turn Back To The Show & I Have No Idea What’s Going On -_-

  6. jaredspadalecki:

    Prince Harry Disguises Himself as Prince William

  7. bitterandblue:

    If SOPA passes right before Tony and Ziva get together and I can’t squee on tumblr and look at pretty gifs and pretty photosets of the OTP i’ve been waiting for for 7 years then I will personally hunt down the motherfucker responsible and gun the mofo down.

    I will help. >:o

  8. Tonights episode. Ohmysweetladygaga. SHE PUNCHED RAY IN THE FACE, HAHA! He totally deserved it. And the end, when Zivers and Tony are in the elevator…..shoot me now. o___o

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